• Information For Advertisers

    Join our network as an advertiser and expose your project or ICO to our network of crypto oriented websites and web applications to increase your sales and get new clients. Why you should advertise with us? Please check out all your benefits below.

    1. Worldwide Traffic Available

    In our network we have publishers from all over the world ready to publish your project on their websites and web applications. Nothing stands in your way to reach new crypto oriented clients!

    2. Geotargeting And Filtering

    We do our best to fit all expectations of our advertisers two of them are geotargeting and filtering. Geotargeting allows you to publish your advertisements only in countries chosen by you. Every country has its own price rate. Apart from that we offer the opportunity to filter and exclude Proxy and VPN traffic. These are still real human visits, the only thing is we cannot guarantee their actual geolocation. So if geolocation is absolutely important to you use this filter while creating an ad campaign.

    3. Unique And Organic Traffic

    We use several security and filter methods against cheating and bots to provide our advertisers the best possible traffic. We are also very strict when we choose our publishers and try our best to provide real organic traffic only. Unwanted incentivized traffic is being blacklisted and ignored. All the traffic is 24 hours unique. That means your advertisemnts will be visible only once per day to the same person.

    4. Fast Delivery

    Due to a massive network of crypto oriented websites and web applications from all over the world, it will not take too long for your ad campaign to be filled. Apart from that we have several priority options to deliver your ordered traffic as fast as possible.

    5. Different Ad Formats

    Advertisers can choose from different banner formats such as Leaderboard 728x90, Medium Rectangle 300x250, Wide Skyscraper 160x600 or the Landscale 640x320 video format. Depending on the advertising format it's possible to choose between CPC (Cost Per Click), CPM (Cost Per Mille) or CPV (Cost Per View) measurements. Some formats or measurements may be more effective than others. You should try them out to see which one works best for your ICO or crypto project.

    6. Low Prices

    We work hard to keep a reliable balance between publishers and advertisers. We do our best to come up with the best possible rates for our publishers and provide our advertisers with the lowest possible prices.

    7. Real Time Statistics

    Once your advertisement has been approved by our staff, you can start campaigns and monitor important statistics such as impressions, views and clicks. Keep also an overview of all the costs of your running campaigns. All statistics are individual for each country and are in real time.

    8. Clean Traffic

    Clean and legal advertising is all we want and that is why we will never partner with illegal or adult websites or web applications. We do our best to filter incoming traffic as good as possible to provide real and organic traffic only and reduce your advertising costs. We also regularly check our partners for clean, legal and non adult content.

    9. Secure Experience

    Apart from an SSL certificate that protects all your personal data, we use a bunch of other security methods to make your experience as secure as possible.

    10. Friendly Support

    If you have any questions or need some help please contact our support team at any time. It would be a pleasure for us to assist you!